Theme Of The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao

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We may believe were not in no form of isolation from a single thing but we are all in isolation without notice. In the book “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar wao” by Junot Diaz, he shows isolation in every character in a very distinct way but still not noticeable. Throughout the Brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao, Diaz conveys that there is isolation in every person through his characters that are all different in personalization but are still isolated from something. Diaz uses the characterization of Yunior to show that he may not he's isolated himself from loyalty and having good relationships with people as well. Yunior is a character portrayed as a true dominican male because he is good with women. In chapter 6 on page 269 Yunior got lola…show more content…
La Inca is a very unselfish woman, she took care of Beli after the death and imprisonment of her parents. La inca believes that Beli deserves the best education the island can offer. She offers a safe place and support to her grandchildren Lola and Oscar. In chapter three on page 80, La Inca was not able to support herself and Beli but did what she can to support herself and Beli. Diaz states in the book, ¨Sharing a bed with her mother, the inability to buy the dresses she wanted.¨ This quote shows that La inca is in isolation from being a wealthy mother not being able to give her children what other parents can. Diaz uses the history of La Inca to show that she is in isolation from having a normal childhood as a kid. In chapter three on page 80, La inca did not have a home as a kid, she passed through rough times when she was young and she'll never forget those horrible days. Diaz states in the book, ¨Those first years of her life when she´d been an orphan, the horrible scars from that time.¨ This shows that La inca had a hard life since she was young she was not able to have a childhood because of what she went through showing she is in isolation from people who didn't have a hard life when she was
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