Theme Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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Martin Luther King Jr. once stated that “an individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” He conveys an impactful message, declaring that no man or woman can say they have lived until they have stood up for what they believe is right. They must learn to be considerate, thinking not only about themselves, but about how their actions will affect the rest of society, therefore affecting humanity. The world today regresses further away from global humanity because of technological innovation. Because our needs are limitless and satisfaction is hardly fulfilled, we create more addictive technology, but at our disadvantage. Technology advances…show more content…
Because of the technological devices that consume Montag’s society, people become emotionally detached and lose the ability to interact with one another. When Montag meets Clarisse, he finds her peculiar but surprisingly likable. She shares her thoughts and opinions with Montag, and the two start to see each other as friends. When Montag discovers that Clarisse has died, he understands that the interaction between them filled an empty space inside of him that he didn’t realize was there. In spite of this, he tries to communicate with Mildred about his own perceptions, attempting to convince himself that what he has with Mildred is love, but notices that she has conformed society to the point of no turning back. Montag is devastated to learn that there had never been any true connection between Mildred and himself, except perhaps the money he provided to buy the parlor walls for her. When Montag requests Mildred to turn off the parlor walls because he was sick and upset, she feigns it because she is not willing to sacrifice her technological “family” for her own husband. He finally accepts that Mildred and the masses are incapable of love, and their humanity has been lost. He struggles to find true happiness because he knows that it is derived from love and empathy. With happiness, Montag can fulfill a piece of humanity that he lost by the societal standards and work his way to break through the conformed mindset that he attained over the