Theme Of Success In Death Of A Salesman

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Throughout life people set goals for themselves and if they reach them or not is how they determine themselves to be a success or a failure. In the play Death Of a Salesman, Willy the main character in order to see himself as success embellishes his accomplishments. These embellishments of the truth make Willy think he is better than he his. Throughout Willy’s life he tries to be as successful as his idols; however in his pursuit to do so he fails not only as a worker but also as a role model to his boys. Throughout the play, Willy is in search of the ever-elusive dream of being successful. He wants to be “well liked”(33) by everyone and reach his true potential as a salesman just like one of his idols. He always told the boys as they were growing up , “Be liked and you will never want”(33), in order to be successful in the business world, one must be “well liked”(33). If you are liked by your peers you will no longer have to wait in line just like his idol Dave Singleman who was made out…show more content…
Not only did he fail in the respect of being loved, but he also failed in being successful in his career as a salesman. Towards the end of his career as a salesman Willy started to make up stories on how successful he was in his earlier career: when talking to Howard about his success, Willy said “in 1928 I had a big year. I averaged a hundred and seventy dollars a week in commissions.”(82) Willy wanted to not only convince Howard but also himself that he did amount to something that he achieved some level of success, that all the years he put into his work meant something rather than nothing. This dream was dashed when Howard said: “Now, Willy, you never averaged... “(82). When Willy comes to the realization in how he never amounted to anything he breaks down and starts crying. Towards the end he finally realizes he never accomplished the goals he set out for himself as a
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