Theme Of Sonnet 130

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Although many people find flaws in others, there always comes a time where one seems to let go of these imperfections and replace the defects with love Sonnet 130 is a unique love poem in which William Shakespeare describes the women he claims to love, in many critical ways. Although the first twelve lines describe the women to be distasteful and vile, the last two lines create a shift in which Shakespeare explains that despite her unsavory ways, he still loves her. Shakespeare illustrates that there is not a perfect person in the world, but that one day everyone will be able to find someone who will look past their faults and love them the way they are. Shakespeare’s poem “Sonnet 130” describes that love is looking past the flaws of someone in which…show more content…
Renaissance readers would understand the way Shakespeare was describing this woman and why he was. He wasn’t they only who saw these women in such ways. Shakespeare is parodying the already hackneyed views of “beauty” as defined by society and the outlandish metaphors use to describe the beauty of the person, Shakespeare “ sonnet 130” is basically saying “look , my love is not perfect and her lips aren’t as red as roses and her eyes are not as blue as sapphires, but she is beautiful to me simply because I love her”(Educator Emeritus 2007).
He is slightly making fun of all the poem who use those incredibly unrealistic comparisons to declare the depth if their love. He truly has a sense of humor, and this is still so true today.
Everyone knows when a boy is mean to a girl he obviously likes her.
“Sonnet 130” is one of Shakespeare’s few simplicity and frank expression poems he’s ever written. This women is not as beautiful as things found in nature, however while
Shakespeare honesty may seem commendable he frequently. Her eyes, do not shine like the sun; nor are lips as red as coral, when compared to the whiteness of snow his beloveds breasts
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