Theme Of Socialism In The Jungle

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Shane Hughes
Mr. Wisniewski
E Period: American Studies
10 February 2014

Socialism Shall Triumph

In the novel, The Jungle, written by Upton Sinclair, an immigrant worker by the name of Jurgis travels to Chicago in an effort to give himself a better life. He starts off well in America, as he quickly gets a job. His future in America looks promising. But not for too long though, as he quickly starts to perish under the misfortune of losing his wife, home, multiple jobs and the only son he ever had. Once Jurgis starts taking a socialistic view though, he becomes hopeful in his daily life. In The Jungle, Upton Sinclair uses Jurgis’ unfortunate life to advocate for socialism instead of capitalism. Upton Sinclair's push for socialism in The Jungle should be supported because a capitalist society provides workers with sickening working condition, a capitalist society consists of corruption, and a socialistic society will mean a “perfect” world.
To endorse the concept of socialism for the working class of the people, Sinclair singles out the meat packing industry. He describes gruesome de...
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