Theme Of Sexuality In Sula And Neel

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Sexuality: The Opposing Behaviours of Sula and Nel In the novel Sula by Toni Morrison, Sula and Nel were both African American females who attempted to define themselves because there were no guidelines as to how they should behave, especially for their sexuality. This paper will discuss the exposure to sexuality, the effects that sexuality had on their lifestyles and how, in the end, neither of their methods was victorious over the other. The first exposure to a sexual encounter was when Nel and Sula were harassed by Ajax, “a twenty year old pool haunt of sinister beauty. Graceful and economical in every movement, he held a place of envy with men of all ages for his magnificently foul mouth […] So, when he said “pig meat” as Nel and Sula passed, they guarded their eyes lest someone see their delight” (50). Being sexual harassed was definitely frightening, but the example indicated that there was a mixture of delight and pleasure. The girls then would describe the “beautiful boys who dotted the landscape like jewels” (56). This proved that at the age of twelve, the pleasurable interests of the sexuality certainly started to unfold. Equally, the two…show more content…
Sula sadly died in pain and alone (149). Sula’s passing symbolized the death of her response and views towards sex, which was different yet independent. Unfortunately, the community thought that the “death of Sula was the best news” and hence no one carried on Sula’s behaviours. On the contrary, Nel’s attitudes did not triumph either; when Nel realized that Sula had passed, Nel cried because she thought she was missing Jude, when in fact, she actually needed Sula instead (174). In this example, Nel comprehended that she had missed an opportunity to define herself sexually and to not stick with social norms. Metaphorically, both attitudes towards sexuality were compromised and neither was victorious over the

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