Theme Of Revenge In Wuthering Heights

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Revenge within Love
Lovers often bring out the best and worst in each other. In the book Wuthering Heights, by Emily Brontë, this is evident throughout the novel. Love and revenge may seem like polar opposites when they are considered individually. However, when revenge is a circumstance of love, something powerful is created from this unique pairing. Mr. Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw are soul mates that are also literary foils. Heathcliff and Catherine highlight each others strengths while also exposing each others weaknesses. The love that Catherine and Heathcliff share is unlike any other. Although Catherine and Heathcliff are so in love, there are several people who attempt to break them apart. Heathcliff, enraged by his fear
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Heathcliff is well educated on the topic of revenge. “Heathcliff received no flogging, but he was told that the first word he spoke to Miss Catherine should ensure a dismissal; and Mrs Earnshaw undertook to keep her sister-in-law in due restraint, when she returned home; employing art, not force- with force she would have found it impossible” (Brontë 37). Hindley despised Heathcliff from the day that his father brought the little gypsy boy home. It wasn’t until Master Earnshaw died that Hindley became the head of Wuthering Heights. This was an opportunity that Hindley could not take for granted and he made his power over Heathcliff crystal clear. Hindley was aware that the boy would not respond to being beaten, but he knew what would hurt Heathcliff. Hindley, while Catherine was away, swore that Heathcliff would again be homeless if he did not shun Catherine. Heathcliff swore that he would enact revenge on Hindley. “ ‘The charge exploded, and the knife, in springing back, closed into its owner’s wrist. Heathcliff pulled it away by main force, slitting up the flesh as it passed on, and thrusting it dripping into his pocket’ ” (Brontë 131). After waiting several years, Heathcliff decided to take his revenge, hence the best served cold reference. After a long and bloody night, most of the blood shed belonging to Hindley, Hindley died. Finally, Heathcliff could be at…show more content…
Heathcliff, having been so intimate with pain his whole life, will take revenge on anyone that he perceives has done him wrong, even if he loves them.
I could do as well without his approbation- And as to you, Catherine, I have a mind to speak a few words now, while we are at it- I want you you be aware that I know you have treated my infernally- infernally! Do you hear? And if you flatter yourself that I don’t perceive it, you are a fool- and if you think I can be consoled by sweet words you are an idiot- and if you fancy I 'll suffer unrevenged, I’ll convince you of the contrary, in a very little while. (Brontë 82-83)
After Catherine marries Edgar Linton, Heathcliff feels betrayed. He confronts Catherine about her act of treachery saying that she cannot soothe him with a few of her kind words. Heathcliff vows that he will have revenge, even though she is his one true love. “ ‘She’s gone, she’s gone! Yon’ Heathcliff’s run off wi’ her!’ gasped the girl” (Brontë 97). For his revenge, Heathcliff courts Isabella, Edgar Linton’s sister. Heathcliff makes Isabella believe that he is the man of her dreams. One night, Heathcliff takes Isabella from Thrushcross Grange and they elope. Eventually, Catherine and Edgar catch wind of this and are distraught, for different
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