Theme Of Racism In Heart Of Darkness

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The concept of racism is not a new one. Racial discrimination has existed as long as humanity has existed. This concept is an overlying theme in the novel The Heart of Darkness, written by Joseph Conrad. Racial discrimination, as portrayed in the novel, is detrimental to society in several ways: inequality of human rights, negative stereotypes, and the inability of a society to progress to an equitable state of existence. The inequality of basic human rights has been an issue around the world for countless decades. In 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was developed as a framework for the world. This document provides “a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations” (MacNaughton et al 24). Also, it states “everyone…show more content…
Tonya Cornileus believes the discrimination against black men can be defined several ways; for example, “differences in cultural styles often lead employers to conclude that black men have attitudes and personal characteristics that conflict with a predominantly white social atmosphere” (Cornileus 446). By the same token, African Americans do not receive equal pay as a caucasian male. Some may be stunned at the fact minorities do not receive the same pay as others because of the discrimination laws in effect today. The American Institute for Economic research states, “blacks make $3,656 less than whites” (Guynn). Moreover, the types of education offered to African Americans are limited. A caucasian person would have a better chance at an opportunity than a minority. Additionally, discrimination often lies in the same races. While the outside appearance has no impact…show more content…
The daily news networks have a new headline about riots or violence almost every month. Recently, several riots broke out in Ferguson, Missouri due to Michael Brown, an unarmed, African American teenager being shot and killed by a white police officer. A copious group of people lashed out and began fighting for what they believe in. Sadly, the riot spread to more places than Ferguson. BBC News in Ferguson states, “thousands of people also protested in other US cities, from Los Angeles to New York” (BBC News). Unfortunately, countless people get killed or greatly injured during these riots. Riots are utilized in a negative manner. In fact, an abundance of riots derive from situations between the police and young, intercity black males. According to Jake Halpern: “During the past year, a series of police killings of African-Americans across the country has inspired grief, outrage, protest, and acrimonious debate. For many Americans, this discussion, though painful, has been essential” (Halpern). While the officer was sure Brown was attempting to grab his gun, it was considered a racial conflict. The officer’s initial instinct was this because of the negative stereotype intercity African Americans are portrayed as; regardless, this does not make the incident acceptable. Minorities committed a number of crimes before and after the unfortunate events that occurred in

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