Theme Of Peace In A Separate Peace

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A Separate Peace: Physical and Mental Parallels to a Never Ending War
World War II is one of the most famous historical events and it also contributes to the theme of war in the novel A Separate Peace by John Knowles which focuses on that period in time. To emphasise this major theme, Knowles uses techniques such as physical and mental parallel situations and foil characters. For example, readers learn that many of the physical activities the boys at Devon school used to play carry references of war. Also, a more serious side of war is demonstrated by a focus on the war within one’s own mind. Lastly, a minor character serves as a demonstration of the mental and physical side of war and how it can affect a person. War is not only based on physical strength, but also mental stability.
Gene Forrester, the narrator of the novel, is recalling the past and how he and the rest of the boys at Devon school used to spend their days. Phineas is “the best athlete in the school” according to Gene (Knowles 16) and takes it upon himself to create some physical games for the boys to enterta...
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