Theme Of Nora In A Doll's House

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Christmas is one of the happiest times of year where the streets are filled with laughter and holiday cheer. Although, this is the happiest time for most, middle class citizens, to Nora it poses many challenges that destroy her family. The character of Nora in Henrik Ibesen “A Doll House” faces many conflicts between society, Krogstand, her husband, and lastly herself. Nora had been married for eight years to Torvald, Torvald is a lawyer but just took a new job as a bank manager. Although, he will be making more money it comes with a cost such as upholding his reputation and status within the community. Nora’s husband becomes very ill and is going to die unless he travels to Italy to get help (Henrik 1734) for Nora to save her husband’s life she borrows four thousand, eight hundred crowns (Henrik 1735). Not only is this frowned upon she thought she knew who she was as a wife and mother, which all changes by the end of the play.
The first conflict the play encounters is Nora versus society. During the time the play is written it is uncommon for one’s wife to receive a sum or loan of money without her husband’s consent (Henrik 1735). Nora felt like she was doing what was right to save her husband’s life, even though she knows he will frown upon such a outlandish thought. Torvald, is a very smart business man even taking care of the family’s
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Even though Nora and Torvald had been married for eight years she never was completely honest even about other things other than the money she borrows. She does what Torvald wants her to do kind of like he was her master. He even made sure she did not check the mail as it was under lock and key. Torvald seems like a very controlling individual. Throughout the second and final act of the play it was questionable if Nora even really loves her husband. It was almost like she has a closer bond with Dr. Rank because he took the time to listen to her and tries to understand
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