Theme Of Morality In Frankenstein

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Throughout Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein the question of morality is often demonstrated through the knowledge of existence. The knowledge of existence has a major effect on the monster in his attempts to discover who he is through approval and acceptance. In today’s world our morality and values system is very prevalent, and as shown through Shelley’s writing these morals and values are a result of our religious perceptions and humanistic relationships. It can be concluded that Frankenstein depicts the ability to develop spiritually and morally by eliminating a deity in order to reach a sense of self realization. 
 Moral conflict often arises today and one is left questioning purpose and what is considered to be right or wrong. The science fiction genre as presented in Frankenstein gives an alternate perception of the route to moral discovery, because situations are presented that surpass ones experience. These situations cause one to make sense of something with already current values, they are left seeking answers that are not seen in the current time period, resulting in moral decisions that are based off of patterns implemented in earlier ethical dilemmas. The monster discovers basic elements shown in modern day society that ask one to make a decision in regards to accept responsibility for what is being created. One gains the ability to decide whether to address the conflict or shy away from it, and within the conflict presented in the book Shelley uses symbolism and imagery to help understand the deeper meaning of morals and values. The monster in Frankenstein establishes the way he behaves and approaches tasks by observing the behavior of others rather than acquiring morals from Christianity. It is almost as if his mora... ... middle of paper ... ...ecessor denoting what is right and wrong, the creature was able to learn for himself, and generate what he believed was correct individually. It is important today to not let the influence of others be so powerful in order to be able to make proper judgement and stand up for oneself it is necessary that one possesses knowledge and experience, something no one can be born with. In Frankenstein, this exact theory was introduced, the creation of a creature that behaved and believed in a way that lacked continual teaching from others was implemented. The creature was totally independent which in turn created a being who was different. In today’s society we lack difference, we drive and build off of others, we listen out of fear and do out of the inability to do anything else. Morals and values should be an individualized creation, not a continuation of our predecessors.
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