Theme Of Moral Development In Great Expectations

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There are many novels that involve the coming of age of a character. The characters recount the psychological and sometimes moral development from youth to maturity. In Charles Dickens master piece, Great Expectations, the protagonist Philip also known through out the book as Pip has a moment in the book where developed moral development. Pip is seen to mature in a moment in the novel. In the beginning of the novel, Pip is seen by the readers as someone that questions everything. Pip was someone that was well behaved and did everything he was asked. He was always humble and cared for the people he loved which is Mrs. Joe and Joe. However, things start to change when Pip start going to Miss Havisham house. He is introduce to a new world which causes him to change little by little. The more and more Pip goes to visit Miss Havishams home he falls more in love with Estella, Miss Havisham guardian. Ever since Pip started going to Miss. Havishams house, he was from the start a gift from Miss. Havisham to Estella. Pip was going to be the first hear that Estella was going to break Estella, ...
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