Theme Of Metamorphosis By Robert Frost

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To Use the Figurative Language
The English language is filled with words that help convey meaning to stories without saying the actual meaning. These useful words are called figures of language and not only are they important in daily life, but they are a necessity in books and plays to deliver to the point home to the reader or make him on her laugh. The English language is an extremely complex and diverse collection of words. This is one of the many reasons why English is a worldwide language, because there are thousands of way to express a single thought.
In his story “The Metamorphosis”, Franz Kafka shows how a man named George, who was living an undesirable and mediocre life as a salesman turns into a hideous mutation. This is a metaphor
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This is a process where an author uses to give life to an object can become a force of good or of evil. Frost shows how the boy is holding a saw and describe the fierce sounds to make it intimidating. Hence, Frost uses personification to stir up images of a rusty saw with chipped paint and how intimidating that could be to a boy. Frost seems to liken it to a beast that is snarling at whatever gets close. In Susan Adam’s article, she examines a metaphor’s potential is limitless when she notes, “ Is there a malignant force unleashed through the buzz saw and responsible for the boy’s death—or one as noncumbersome as the distant mountain range that forms a breathtaking backdrop to this human tragedy?”(2). Susan demonstrates Frost’s ability to paint a picture with just words by pointing out the mountain background lending the reader a feelings of open and uninhibited freedom that the boy lives in before it is snatched away from…show more content…
This story not only utilizes several metaphors in it; the title itself is a metaphor, it implies that Nora is like a toy that all the men in her life play with and then leave. When Torvald Helmer calls his wife Nora a little sparrow and a little squirrel, this is a metaphor. Since Nora is not a squirrel this metaphor allows Ibsen to show what the relationship between Torvald and Nora is like to the reader. The reasoning behind this is to display how their relationship goes from one of smothered love to one of strained coexistence for the
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