Theme Of Marriage In The Story Of An Hour

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Most people carry the belief that marriage only occurs when two people are really in love. However, it is a fact, but not always the only reason that people get married. In the short story “The Story of an Hour”, Kate Chopin uses irony to demonstrate a typical situation of a society with women as prisoners in their marriages, and they can get out of marriage only after their husband’s death. During that time, marriage is not about the mutual love between a woman and a man. The marriage is about how male control female. The story is important to me, because it functions as a tool for me to seek the real image through description in word, and to find the expressed meaning behind it. The story lets me understand the nature of relationships between male and female. Besides, this short story teaches me that nothing is more important than self-ownership and complete…show more content…
Especially after being told the news of Mallard’s death, Louise “wept at once,” “with sudden, wild abandonment” (63). So far I have not suspected anything wrong with her reaction, even though Louise “did not take the news as many women have” (63). The description of her alone in the room, is the turning point. The presentation of what she saw when look out of the window hits me. In Louise’s mind, “trees that were aquiver with the new spring life” (63). I remember hard times that I have in my own life, nothing in the world could look right, there is no happiness and positive things. But why would Louise point out “delicious breath of rain,” “sparrow were twittering in the eaves” (63) at the time of her spouse’s death? Those words foreshadow the ironic happiness that Louise feels at being free. After realizing the expressed meaning behind the word, I was shocked by her real reaction and disappointed with her view of marriage. I couldn’t believe that someone could look at love and marriage in such a negative
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