Theme Of Manipulation In The Tempest

Power By Manipulation The Tempest by William Shakespeare (1611) is a play about the manipulation of people who have a lack of knowledge of the current situation. Throughout the play Shakespeare uses Prospero a wizard as a master manipulator. The manipulation by Prospero, Ariel and Stephano are used to show that if you keep knowledge from others it is easy to take advantage of them. This was the case during the colonization of the New World by the English, Spanish and French. When first coming to the New World people from the old world uses manipulation and the lack of knowledge of the native people in order to overtake the land. By using manipulation Prospero is able to put into affect his plan to regain his dukedom. Prospero uses manipulation many times throughout the Tempest. He uses this in order to set forth a plan to regain his dukedom which he believes was wrongfully taken from him. Even though Prospero is seen throughout the play as the most…show more content…
Ariel goes on to tell Prospero that all the people had made it to shore safely and that she had separated the people on the island into groups so that they wouldn’t know of each other 's survival. Prospero then ask what happened to the King 's ship and the rest of the ships. Ariel said that she had hidden the King 's ship and had sent the other ships back to Naples so that they would go back to Naples and tell everyone about the shipwreck and death of their king. Prospero wisely orders the separation of the factions in order to create a belief in their mind that would help him institute his master plan. One person that Ariel singles out is Ferdinand, "The king’s son have I landed by himself, Whom I left cooling of the air with sighs In an odd angle of the isle, and sitting, His arms in this sad knot." By placing Ferdinand alone Prospero makes Ferdinand believe that his father is dead and that he is now the King of
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