Theme Of Love In Wuthering Heights

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When the topic of love comes up in a conversation or thought about, one would most likely think and talk about the memories shared, smiles, and the friendships gained, which are all positive things. However, love can be expressed in a negative way as well. Not all people take love as a positive experience; it can be negative as well, which is depicted in the novel by Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights. Emily Bronte is a well known English novelist but also poet. She is best known for her only novel which is considered to be a classic of English literature, Wuthering Heights. In the novel Wuthering Heights, author Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights is known to be a gothic romance novel. From that, Bronte tells the tale of love as she puts a unique spin on the story as it characterizes death. In the novel, Wuthering heights, Emily Bronte depicts the critical elements of endless love, which creates destructiveness of love for characters Heathcliff and Catherine.
Themes are essential and very often the worldwide ideas that are discovered in any type of piece of literature or work of art. The theme in Wuthering Heights is love. However, many could argue this point. Many people feel as though the major theme in the novel is revenge. The novel is known to have several themes which in turn is all interconnected to make the plot of the story that more interesting. The revenge aspect goes hand and hand with the theme of love. One can see this when Heathcliff’s revenge begins but also ends with love. “All the complications, trivial or major, stem from loving or falling in love” (Williams 118). There are a number of love stories that are shown in Wuthering Heights. Such love stories can be inferred between Catherine and Edgar, Cathy and Harton but m...

... middle of paper ... around one person. Unfortunately, Catherine believes she has the power to be in charge of the world, but really the world is in charge of her. With that, one can see her love is not fake but at the time of this novel, diminishing a class prejudice is not an easy thing. As a reader, one can draw that Catherine wants to marry Heathcliff but is worry some since he is in a different social class. Catherine does hope to use the money from Linton to help support Heathcliff as he tries to raise his social class situation for the better. However, her dreams and hopes gets put down. In the society at the time, men cannot have money and love. It is one or the other. Linton is a member of the upper class which adds to why he does not support Heathcliff having the same type of status as him, but also Linton dislikes Heathcliff for the distribution of the love for Catherine.
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