Theme Of Love In Edgetow

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Lewis revolves the plot of the story around a non-believing couple, Jane and Mark. They do not know how to love one another. Jane is uneasy of being under any control but her own; prides herself in her independence. Mark strives when he is accepted by a group; he finds his identity in others. With the chaos of the National Institute of Co-ordinated Experiments (NICE) arriving in their quaint town, Edgestow, the couple takes two different sides on the war. The unique perspectives and journeys each one takes during their process toward believing and learning how to love one another, creates a story that relates to many people’s religious conversion. Marriage is a concept that was hard to comprehend for Jane. She found love to be “equality…and free companionship.” The Director, Dr. Ransom, tells her that love is discovered through obedience. It was through obedience to the Director, and indirectly Maleldil (God), that she learned how to be obedient in the future to her husband. Part of her reason from distancing herself from God was being so focused on being independent and not letting herself become weak to any masculinity, that she was unable to love and be loved. Mark learns to love Jane. He starts to see beauty in the things she saw beauty in, like Cure Hardy’s…show more content…
He goes as far to write out two articles that Mark has written about the same event, but one is aimed at convincing the minds of the intellectual and the other at the minds of the commoner. Media can be used to target any type of person and the facts do not necessarily need to be there, but the emotional pull is key. Mark makes the reader feel for the people of Edgestow because the riot was hurting many, then he uses that emotional appeal to place the thought that a stronger police force is needed. This form of gaining approval is rampant within media, and politics, today. The book is timeless…well maybe not
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