Theme Of Love In Benediction

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Love is something that can be expressed in multiple ways. Whether it be physical, mental or spiritual. These different forms of love appear in Kent Haruf’s novel, Benediction. Throughout the novel, multiple families face times where it could be easy for love to die but instead their love endures. Not only is it about true love towards a spouse, it is also love for a child, neighbour and community. The families of this book each have their own story and in each family their love endures, even during difficult times. There are three specific families in this novel that deal with love in very different ways. Dad Lewis and his family, the Johnson women and Reverend Lyle and his family. This novel shows the times where love is pure and joyous but it also shows the painful side of love. Pain of losing or hurting someone that you loved. On the other hand, love can bring such joy to a couple or even a family. It is something that cannot be seen, heard or touched. It is only felt. The way you feel when you are with that person is the most essential aspect to love and every person experiences it differently. True love is often put to the test when life gets in the way. It is…show more content…
She is the one you tell your deepest thoughts to and the one you go to when you are in need of serious advice. The Johnson women are a perfect example of this type of love. Although, they have experienced the love of others that have left them. “I’ve often wondered, is it better to have these years with someone you love and then have to remember and compare ever afterward and feel the lack of him…Or never to have had that other person so you don’t have to keep remembering what it used to be. I’d have to say it’s better to have loved that person.” (192). Willa had already been without her husband for thirty years and Alene never did talk again to the man she loved. They both agreed that it was better to experience that love rather than to not have loved at
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