Theme Of Language In Othello

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Shakespeare 's dramatic yet manipulative use of language is clearly evident throughout William Shakespeare 's tragedy, Othello. Shakespeare 's character, Iago has woven a web of lies which greatly affects the personalities and emotions of certain individuals. Language is the essence of this tragedy; it creates conflict and clashes between characters, whether they be lovers or friends. In particular, Othello, the hero and protagonist of this play is targeted by a cunning villain, Iago who creates turmoil and anger in Othello 's career and relationship with his beloved, Desdemona. Othello, a black general is a powerful and eloquent figure in this play yet his tragic flaw, his insecurities are the demise of his status and fall. He is easily…show more content…
His detailed description of Desdemona and her "lover," Cassio drives Othello into madness. "It is impossible you should see this, were they as prime as goats, as hot as monkeys, as salt as wolves in pride, as fools as gross as ignorance made drunk" (3, iii, 412-415). These lines are fueling Othello 's imagination as to what sexual intercourse Cassio and his wife may be having. Iago has painted pictures in Othello 's mind through his evocative language and Othello cannot bear to think of it. His intense use of imagery haunts and distresses Othello making it even more effective. Iago 's language truly does strike a chord within Othello since he begins to imitate Iago 's style. His speech and the way he talk to others and Desdemona become that of Iago 's. ."You are welcome, sir, to Cyprus. Goats and monkeys" (4, I, 213-214). The phrase "goat and monkeys" is an animal-like reference that is typically used by Iago. His words have infected both Othello 's manner and speech. Iago 's words go so far as to drive Othello into doing the unthinkable: striking Desdemona across the face. He loses all self control, leaving others shell

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