Theme Of Inspector Goole In An Inspector Calls

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J.B. Priestly wrote the play An Inspector Calls about a middle class family who is visited by an Inspector and interrogates them about a suicide that has occurred in the city of Brumley. The Birling family, Eva Smith (also known as Dairy Renton), Gerald Croft, and Inspector Goole are the main characters of the play. Each member of the Birling family and Gerald Croft met Eva Smith in a way that may have been the cause of her suicide. The family is having a good time until they get a knock on the door from Inspector Goole, which changes everything for the Birling family. The play is set in 1912 at the Birling’s home. They are all celebrating the engagement of Sheila Birling and General Croft. Sheila is the oldest daughter of Arthur and Sybil…show more content…
All he does is drink and his parents do not seem to care. When Eric’s family finds out that him and Eva had a sexual relationship they are surprised. Of course, Eva and Eric met a bar with alcohol involved. They did not know what they were getting into so things just kind of happened. When Eric’s parents find out they are more shocked that he knew Eva and that it might ruin their reputation rather than him being drunk. Eric says to his mother “You don’t understand anything-you never did” (53). His addiction to alcohol is because his parents do not seem to care about him so he drinks his problems away. His addiction led him to getting Eva…show more content…
Employment is high during the 1900’s but if the employee did not show the effort to work or demanded more money since the wages were low, the business owner would let them go. It is easy to replace an employee within seconds because there were people always looking for jobs. A similar thing happened to Eva Smith. Eva Smith worked for Mr. Birling and he fired because she insisted hire wages and had the other employees go on strike with her. Mr. Birling had let her go because he did not want Eva destroying his business. Eva got another job at a store called Milwards after she is let go from Birling and Company. Milwards is a women’s fashion shop where Sheila shops. Sheila gets Eva fired because she is jealous of how much prettier Eva is. “She was a very pretty girl” (25). Both Arthur and Shelia leave Eva to be
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