Theme Of Individualism In A Doll's House

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In Henrik Ibsen 's play, “ A Doll House “, Ibsen depicts a female protagonist, Nora Helmer, who dares to defy her husband or forsake her “duties” as a wife and a mother, to seek her individuality. “ A Doll House “ challenges the patriarchal view that most people in Norway during that decade thought to be as true, that a woman 's place was in the home. Like many women Nora felt trapped by her father and when the time came she received the same feeling from her husband, however the rules of the society hindered them from acknowledging their own voice. Through this play Ibsen stresses the importance of individuality. “ A Doll House “ combines realistic characters, fascinating imagery, explicit stage directions, and an influential setting to develop…show more content…
The presence of the Christmas tree within the play is used by Ibsen as an instrument to symbolically express an intense personal experience, which cannot be expressed directly. Nora’s notion of the Christmas tree to “hide it…the children mustn’t see it till this evening when it has been decorated,” reflects her initial childish-secretive tendencies: she does not allow anyone to see her in her dress until the evening of her tarantella dance. As Nora pointed out ironically, “We shall have a lovely tree -- I’ll do all the things you like, Torvald, I’ll sing and dance,” the idea of the Christmas tree being lovely is corresponds with the idea of Nora obeying Helmer’s instruction & her being the entertainment for the house. Also as Nora instructs the maid to put the tree “in the middle of the room,” she deliberately use the Christmas tree as the centre of attention for the guests. Similarly, she is the center of attention as she dances the tarantella. The progress of the Christmas tree throughout the play is parallel to that of…show more content…
Mrs. Linde abandoned her true love Krogstad who was penniless in order to marry a man that would allow her to provide for her poor mother and two brothers. She told Krogstad, “What else could I do? If I had to break off with you,” “Don’t forget, I had a helpless mother and two small brothers. We couldn’t wait for you”. Kristine feels it 's her responsibility to be the provider and caretaker for her mother and two younger brothers. Therefore she marries a wealthy man and breaks Krogstad 's heart to guarantee his feelings were gone. Unfortunately, her choice didn’t earn her happiness; her husband soon dies with nothing left for her. She have to work days and days to raise her young brothers. However, as her brothers grow up, and being able to take care of themselves, she lost her hope at the same time. She sacrificed love to have the weight of her family on her shoulder. Another character who sacrificed was Nora. Nora sacrifices her true self to be the perfect and typical wife of the time period. She lives to please those around her instead of being true to herself. When faces her husband, Torvald’s illness, she chooses to break the law and takes a loan from Krogstad under her “father’s” name in order to preserve her husband’s health. She works
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