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Cheech Marin’s film, Born in East L.A., spotlights many key issues brought upon mainly by immigration. This comedic production hits the hearts to many because while it may be humorous, it is also a reality to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and so it hits close to home to many. Immigration is the main topic of this motion picture, but I want to focus on one subdivision of it only; language. The linguistic barriers in between a border is evident in the movie and especially a reality in our world. The film is concentrated on Mexican-American nationalism and immigration. In the beginning of the film, the main character sees himself more of an American rather than Mexican. He speaks fluently in English but does not know how to speak or comprehend proper Spanish. This is an example of involuntary language loss. Rudy, the main character, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, does not see himself as a white man but does not see himself as a pure Mexican either and is stuck in the in-betweens of both ‘Mexican’ and ‘American’ culture. Because of this, he is not of specific origin or descent but rather a Chicano. A mix between both cultures instead of just one. Early in the film when Rudy is instructed by his mother to pick up his cousin who is from Mexico at a toy…show more content…
Rudy symbolized the immigrant’s child and he also demonstrated how one’s language may become obscured with another. Cheech Marin brings awareness of the dangers an immigrant may go through and also to the lives of an American born child to Immigrant parents. This film is not only relatable but a call for an awakening to ignorance. Many people are able to watch this film and laugh, but behind their minds they are brought to acknowledge and correct the stereotypes and wrong perspectives that one may have about

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