Theme Of Hope In Shawshank Redemption

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The Shawshank Redemption is one of greatest movies of the 20th century.The movie takes place in 1947 at a crowded prison in Maine called Shawshank. Although prisons are meant to change someone and their outlook on life. This prison however, is horrifying with all the brutality to the inmates, and its ability to test the inmate’s hope. In the film Shawshank Redemption one of the primary themes is hope vs. despair. “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best, and good things never die”. Having hope while at the Shawshank prison can really help an inmate not hit that breaking point. Also never giving up on the thought of getting out can help the inmates have positive outlooks. The Shawshank prison has many accounts of brutality during the film.…show more content…
Andy who is a banker that is in prison for life for the murder of his wife and her lover. Andy asks Red for a rock hammer because he says he like rocks and he needs to find a way to stay busy in here. Andy gets told by the warden that if Andy becomes the new librarian that he will make sure the sisters gang does not come around him. So Andy starts the job and eventually becomes a teacher in a way. Andy helps the inmates get a high school diploma by teaching them subjects and giving them the ACT test. Then one day this guy named Tommy came to the prison, and Andy and the guys find out that Andy is innocent because Tommy knows the guy that did kill Andy’s wife and lover. So Andy goes to tell the Warden about this to maybe be set free. The Warden had different plans. The Warden puts Andy is solitaire for two months. The whole two months Andy did not break at all. Then when he finally gets out of solitaire he tells Red that even though he did not actually murder his wife he drove her away to a new lover that got her murdered. Red tells Andy “ You are not a murderer, maybe a bad husband, but not a murderer.” After talking to Andy Red feels Andy is up to something so he goes and talks to the guys. One guy confesses that Andy asked him for a six foot rope and he gave it to them. Then for bed check Andy checks in and then he put his master plan to work. Andy used the rock hammer to dig a huge hole in the wall to the sewer system. Andy crawled out and made it to a river where he showered. In The morning when the Warden finds out he escaped the only thing they could find is his clothes. Andy using the documents he stole for the prison goes to the newspaper people and tells them about Shawshank prison. The next day at the prison the police show up to get the Warden and the Warden then kills himself. Andy never lost hope of getting out. Andy finally gets redemption for a crime he was innocent

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