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Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan explains what Koly’s family thinks of her. Koly is a girl from India, who is being married off by her parents, and won’t see her ever again. Koly’s family loves her, you can tell because Koly can see the regret in her Maa’s eyes when maa deciding, (Whelan 1). Koly’s family shows love towards her because most parents in India think their girls are a burden, and some parents hate girls so much so they will take them into the forest at night and murder them. Furthermore, love is also shown towards Koly because most parents in India are happy to marry off their girls, but on the contrary Koly’s maa didn’t want to marry her off, she can tell by the regret in her Maa’s eyes. Koly’s family is not ungrateful for her…show more content…
When Koly is traveling to her new home with the Mehtas', she is being paranoid about what she looks like. Koly’s new family is the Mehtas, the Mehtases are mean and only care about themselves, except for their daughter Chandra. Chandra is a kind and loving person that treats Koly with respect. The Mehtas are only marrying off their son because they need money for their son Hari (the groom) who is sick. Hari has become so sick his parents are desperate to take him to Varanasi, the sacred city of India where he will most likely die. Hari is going to bathe in the Ganges river. The Ganges river is one of the many rivers that runs through India, and is sacred to the Hindu religion. They believe that if they bathe themselves in the river then it will cause remission of sins for them. When Koly arrived at her new house, she was conscious of her unruly hair which was not staying in a neat braid,(Shelan 12). In addition, Koly’s hair can show how much she cares about looking good away from her family because if she doesn’t have a neat braid, this means she doesn’t know how to do them very well. Koly also shows she is conscious about how she looks and acts because when she first meets someone, she does not know what to do with her hands, (Whelan 12). Furthermore, Koly also shows she isn’t really social towards new people because of what she does with her hands. In conclusion, Koly is a person who is…show more content…
The Mehtases don’t care much about Koly because when she was finishing getting ready for the wedding, she heard a sitar, and a tabla (Whelan 16). Hearing the instruments being played at her wedding this helped her feel wanted. Later Koly finds out the band playing the sitar, and the tabla was just to impress the Mehtases friends. The Mehtases also show they don’t really care for Koly because when Hari was left unattended so Mrs. Mehta went to get him medicine in the nearest town, Koly was not allowed to see Hari her husband, (Whelan 23). The Mehtases don’t care for Koly because she can’t see her husband, especially the day after they are married. Furthermore, the Mehtases also lack appreciation towards Koly after she helps her husband with his cough using honey and some ginger which helped him feel better and stop coughing. Mrs. Mehtas scolds Koly for helping her son afterwards. In conclusion, the Mehtases show lack of appreciation towards Koly because they don’t do much for

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