Theme Of Home Burial By Robert Frost

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Marriage Graveyard

In Robert Frost’s poem “Home Burial”, he shares with us the deep loss of a child, the devastation of a crumbling marriage and a family that has fallen apart. Robert Frost himself experienced great loss and turmoil throughout his life. As he writes this poem, his audience can feel the emotion the characters are feeling. He has the ability to transform you into the moment and feel the hurt, anger, frustration and concoction of emotions that these two people are feeling because he has felt those same things, in the same way. The loss of a child is more than anyone can bear. He shows both sides of the grief the parents must face. The mother’s point-of- view and the father’s point-of-view are portrayed in this poem. At
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Did he just say “and you feel better”? He just cannot feel the loss the same way she does, not to say that he isn’t feeling a loss. He is dealing with it differently than she does.
At this point, they are on two different planes and do not have the capability to entertain the other’s point-of-view. She isn’t ready to ‘get over it’ and he is trying to convince her that now that she has gotten it all off her chest, then it’s all better. With that she left, knowing that he just ‘didn’t get
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This poem was written in the early 1900’s and during that time men plowed fields, built fences, dug graves; it was all part of being a man. He felt that he was taking care of her by doing what needed to be done. He needed to be strong for her and be the one to hold it all together. He thought he was handling this tragedy with dignity. At times, he seemed to be overpowering, but I think it was more of a last resort behavior to try and get through to her. He felt like he had lost his child, his wife, his home and now he had lost control. He wanted to keep the “family problem” a secret. He felt that if he didn’t ‘keep it together’ he would be thought of as less of a man within the community. He obviously loved her but just didn’t know how to bridge the gap. I truly believe that communication determines the healthiness of all relationships and this poem solidified my ideology. This poem is about more than just burying a child; it is about burying a home and everything that makes up that

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