Theme Of Gender In The Yellow Wall-Paper

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The Powerful or Powerless Genders The idea of women equality has always been challenged through the nation, especially in the nineteen hundreds. “The Yellow Wall-Paper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is no different in the way that the females are treated in society within this time period. The narrator is treated as less then equal. Through out the story the narrator is belittled and reduced as a woman. With such belittlement within the story of women, the discussion of gender mistreatment is brought forth within the novel. Before continuing details on gender in “The Yellow Wall-Paper” we must first have background knowledge and summarized details on the events within the story. “The Yellow Wall-Paper” is a story narrated by an unnamed woman …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how charlotte perkins gilman's "the yellow wall-paper" challenges the idea of women equality. the narrator is belittled and reduced as a woman.
  • Analyzes how "the yellow wall-paper" is narrated by an unnamed woman who has a traumatic depression after the birth of their child.
  • Analyzes how gilman's story focuses on different gender mistreatments. the narrator unknowingly admits to the cruel nature in which she lives in the quote, "john laughs at me, of course, but one expects that in marriage."
  • Analyzes how the wallpaper symbolizes entrapment in "the yellow wall-paper". the women trapped behind that wallpaper represent the lack of power and freedom women had at this time.
  • Analyzes how gilman's personal life and experiences have had influences over her writing of the yellow wallpaper.
  • Analyzes how a well-written short story and the experiences of charlotte gilman allowed us to go back within time and take another look into gender mistreatment and symbolism.

Once her husband, John, realizes the deepness of depression that his wife is in due to her birth of their child he decides to take action. He decides to isolate his wife from the world for her own betterment. Once arriving in her newfound place of isolation where there is no stimulation, except for her journal, the narrator is placed within a room that is lined with yellow wallpaper. This yellow room is meant to free her from any stresses, but her dislike for the wallpaper concerns her. The pattern of yellow begins to become more of an obsession, being this is her only stimulation due to her confinement. She begins to visualize a woman behind her yellow wallpaper, this woman she sees seems to be trapped pacing behind the paper as if she is trying to free herself. It is not long before the narrator begins with withdrawal pieces of this wallpaper from the wall in attempt to free this trapped woman. As the novel ends the woman who once was in such disgusted with this yellow room now traps herself, locking herself away from …show more content…

The wallpaper specifically throughout the short story is the major contextualize symbolism from the story that aligns with gender. Stated in the Encyclopedia of Themes in Literature the women within the wallpaper can be thought of as mind projections of the narrator 's situation. As the woman is trapped within the wall, she is trapped in her attic room (“gender in” Esposito). Moreover on the topic the entry states as well that, “they [trapped wall women] can also be read as a metaphor for the position of women in the United States in the 19th century. The women trapped behind that wallpaper represent the lack of power and freedom women had at this time” (“gender in” Esposito). Gilman’s personal life and experiences have had influences over her writing of this novel. Written in the Encyclopedia of Themes in Literature, “The Yellow Wallpaper is an autobiographical short story based on Charlotte Perkins Gilman 's own experience with illness in the 'rest cure’” (“illness in” Esposito). With information inside of what it is like to have all stimulation forcefully taken from you by a male spouse, she was able to create a short story that follows bases of a true situation and the entire breakdown along the

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