Theme Of Friendship

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Friendship is one of many building blocks of life. It helps one realize how the absence of a friend helps one broaden its view on how important someone could be to another. It also causes a person to value others opinion to guide them towards a positive direction. Furthermore, it allows others to experience situations no one else could give them, which in return creates memories that would forever be held onto. Both the novel If I Ever Get of Here by Eric Gansworth and the song See You Again by Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth center on the theme of friendship-showing how it influences personal growth. Both the novel and the song demonstrate that understanding life lessons can help one realize that small acts are the ones that make a true impact…show more content…
Both Lewis and Wiz Khalifa experience first hand on how friends can’t always last. When George moves away, Lewis received a package that did not have an address and he knew it meant that they never speak to one another again. Lewis does accept this reality but, instead of being nostalgic about the issue, he feels the gratitude of what he has gained through the experience as he says.“ Friends are always worth the moment of joy you share, even if they don’t last”. This quote shows how even though his relations with George had to end, it’s the memories that will always connect the two. Furthermore, when he states how friends create joy, he implies how friendship brings out the dynamism aspect of life. Thus indicating that it's the good qualities that will always be looked back in the future. Just has how Lewis implied that friendship will forever last even when two friends separate, Wiz Khalifa, states the same thing as he sings “ friendship [turns] into a bond and that bond will never be broken”. Because he refers it to a bond, it goes to show how he considers the commitment of being friends as a vow, a vow of a long-lasting friendship regardless of what comes in between. Since he mentioned that the bond can’t be broken, it indicates that he knows that not all is lost even if two companions separated because the connection will always be there. In the end, both Lewis and Wiz decide to remember the good memories spent together, rather than the thought of missing them as they both realize how life is all about moving on, not living in the past because friendship is never
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