Theme Of Friendship In The Epic World Of Gilgamesh

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"I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” (Helen, Keller). In today 's generation friendship is key ,but is also hard to find. A friend that is willing to fight with someone by their side is definitely a friend to keep. In the Epic World Of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh was an inspiring friend that many people pray and ask for. Gilgamesh treated Enkidu as one of his own. Their relationship eventually forms into a brotherhood where both of the two men gain trust and brotherly love. In this essay Enkidu and his trustworthiness character will be explained first, then how the both of them became inspired friends Gilgamesh and . Lastly, how both characters “Gilgamesh” and “Enkidu” created a friendship and bond. Enkidu lived…show more content…
They began their friendship by becoming real brothers through the blessings of the Gods. Gilgamesh later wanted his legacy to be remembered, so sought an adventure by himself and his new brother to go on a journey to fight and kill Humbaba . In the story it writes “kill Humbaba and cut his Cedarlet there be rejoicing all over the land ,and I will erect a monument of the victory (?) before you!"The... words of Gilgamesh, her son,grieving, Queen Ninsun heard over and over” (Gilgamesh). Gilgamesh believed that this journey would help their legacy be remembered for ever. So they set forward and went on the journey. Continuously, once they began their journey Enkidu began to have dreams. One of his dreams was terrifying. He sought his own death. Futhermore, being a good friend Gilgamesh tells Enkidu not to worry. In the story it states “ Take my hand, my friend, we will go on together.Your heart should burn to do battle--pay no heed to death, do not lose heart!”(Gilgamesh). A good friend would will always keep their friend positive even though they doubt themselves. In conclusion the relationships you have with your friends are key to life and are there to help you when your family isnt. Gilgamesh and Enkidu relationship is something that most people don 't typically understand. The person you usually disdain will be the person you will end up being there for you. Personalities clash and once you meet

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