Theme Of Feminism In Trifles

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“Trifles” by Susan Glaspell encompasses the idea of feminism among the women characters. Feminism is the advocacy of women to be seen as equals to men. “Trifles” shows a clear representation of women’s place in society. While solving a mystery of a man’s death gender roles are prevalent and key to solving this murder mystery. “Trifles” facilitates a rebellion of the women to be shown as competent to solve a murder mystery and not just a “housewife”. The women in the story take clear actions to show they are more than or equally as competent as the men in several areas of the short story portraying a sense of feminism throughout the story. In a time period where women are neglected, ignored and seen as less than men “Trifles” represents women’s…show more content…
Mrs. Hale went to defend herself by saying men are the one’s who get the house dirty. He responds “ Ah, loyal to your sex , I see.”(982). In the struggle of being belittled the women came together to get respect for themselves and to be valued as equals. When they solved the murder mystery to be Mrs. Wright they sought out a plan to protect her because in their eyes although she was guilty of murder finally got justice for her husband’s belittlement. Hiding the evidence is a clear action that portrayed feminism because they were belittled in several instances by the men and wanted to fight back against that constant neglect. They took actions that advocated and stood up to the gender roles of men being superior and better than them. Another aspect of feminism in the short story “Trifles” is the idea that a woman cannot do a “man’s job” at all or if they attempt it cannot be better than a man. “Trifles” contradicts…show more content…
Hale “ Has the bird flown?.... We think the - cat got it”(987). The County Attorney underestimated the women’s ability to protect their own and solve a murder mystery based on their own knowledge of life through a woman’s eyes. Another clear case where a man underestimated a woman was where Mr.Wright thought he could belittle and neglect his wife which ultimately got him killed. As stated by Hale “ Women are used to worrying over trifles. (The two women move a little closer together.)” The stage direction shows a strong sense for the women to hold together. They were belittled and through their belittlement they came together. They show that no one will understand a woman as well a woman. Feminism plays a key role in this play because the women are discriminated against and they advocate for themselves not by words but through
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