Theme Of Fate In The Aeneid

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The theme of fate is hugely important in Virgil’s epic The Aeneid. Fate, to Virgil’s Roman audience, is a divine, religious principle, one that even the powers of the gods cannot change. The fate of the Trojans finding a new city in Italy is repeated throughout the epic. From the souls of future Roman heroes in the underworld to the images of Roman history on Aeneas’ shield, these suggest that the Trojans are successful. While it is true that they reach Italy and find Rome, the moral of the story is them overcoming their hardships. Fate may determine that the Trojans will found a city in Italy, but it doesn't specify how they end up doing it. While the destination is certain, the direction toward the destination is in question with the choices made and the influence the gods have over the nature around them. However, the Trojans’ sufferings and glories over the course of the epic simply postpone their unchangeable fate.
Aeneas if fated to find the city of Rome and nothing can stop him from doing so. “He came to Italy by destiny…Till he could found a city and bring home/His gods to La...
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