Theme Of Fate In Memoirs Of A Geisha

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The Power of Will
Franklin D. Roosevelt was once quoted saying, “Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds”. Within this universe of endless possibilities, it is physically impossible for anything to stay completely constant. Human beings, as a part of the universe, are no exception. Individuals are, however, able to separate themselves from the rest by their thoughts, feelings, and actions. At any given moment, they are able to change their course of existence, possess the will and mental freedom to act and perceive in a goal directed manner. In Arthur Golden’s novel, Memoirs of a Geisha, Sayuri Nitta recalls her experiences throughout her journey of becoming a geisha. Sayuri Nitta, whose original name was Chiyo Sakamoto, is a strikingly beautiful girl who grew up in an impoverished fishing
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In Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha, Sayuri demonstrates that when the forces of fate and free will come into collision, the lack of determination to grasp control of one’s life will lead to a…show more content…
Sayuri was still known as Chiyo at the time of her first encounter with the Chairman at the bridge, who she believes demonstrates that “something besides cruelty could be found in the world” (108) simply for giving her ice cream and a handkerchief. Following this magical and life changing event, she vows to “suffer through any training, bear up under any hardship, for a chance to attract the notice of a man like the Chairman” (110). However, she understands that in order to overcome the limitations imposed upon her, she will need to sacrifice her individuality to fit the mold of how traditional geisha act, speak, and dress. She states, “Since meeting the Chairman on the street that day back in the spring, I had longed for nothing so much as
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