Theme Of Fascism In The Crucible

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Arthur Miller used his play “ The Crucible” to express many deranged and alluring themes going on during the Salem witch trials. Whether it was fanaticism, fear and how citizens react to it, fascism or just the problems of perception, this all depicted how Salem was during that time. Nonetheless, Salem isn’t the only place that has experienced such hardship. The harsh lifestyle and events occurring in Salem mirrored Germany during “The Holocaust”. The town’s folk in Salem are fanatic about their religion and they lose sight of what being Christian really means, and this resembled the fanatics who supported Hitler and the Nazis. Furthermore, the fascist leadership of Abigail mimicked Hitler and his dictatorship during his reign, both were feared…show more content…
The merciless leadership of Hitler during the holocaust was considered pure fascism. Fascism can be described as "a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism". (Dictionary)Strangely enough this is another similarity between Salem and Germany: they both tolerated the leadership of fascists who evidently led to the demise of their towns/country. Not only that, but the traits and qualities of both leaders were so alike and that is what grabs my attention! Nonetheless, that is what I believe Arthur Miller intended on doing. Firstly, what made them so similar is that no one would rebel against them. Abigail embedded fear in people by using violence, and being very persuasive “Let either of you breathe a word...I will come to you in the black of the night...I will bring a pointy reckoning". (Miller, 19). Anyone who knew her secret clearly was not safe; Abigail threatened to kill them if they so hushed a word. Evidently, no one would rebel and if they did, Abigail was always able to save herself! There were countless moments in the book we 're it seemed like Abigail would get caught in her lies, but fortunately for her she was extremely good at talking. Whether it was convincing Father Parris that Goody Proctor fired her because she hated her, or that Tituba was the one conjuring spirits, and…show more content…
Due to the fact that no citizens showed any opposition, silence evidently benefited the oppressive leaderships of Abigail and Hitler. Salem is home too many people were submissive, lack courage, and show deficiency. Furthermore, the citizens of Germany were quite the same as they too chose not to revolt. (Kannan)Whether it was personal preference, fear or their attitudes the citizens of both Salem and Germany chose NOT to rebel and that’s what made them so identical. Essentially, the reason no one rebelled against the wrongful accusations of Abigail was they were afraid. If they tried helping the innocent they 'd either make the situation worse or get themselves in trouble. For example Giles Cory tried speaking out about his wife and it took a turn for the worse. "They be telling lies about my wife"(Miller 79) Giles Cory is pleading the court to free his innocent wife who was wrongfully accused ,and sadly was eventually hanged. Due to his involvement with trying to save her he was also accused and killed. This was one of the reasons people stayed silent, nothing good ever came out of being a hero. People believed they should just mind their business like how John Proctor did. In the beginning of Act II his wife proposed he speak up and prove to the court that Abigail is a fraud. "I would go to Salem now, John- let you go tonight" to which he replied, " I 'll think of it". (Miller, 51) John knew the

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