Theme Of Fairies In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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One of William Shakespeare's famous play A Midsummer Night’s Dream is well known for its romantic, comical and magical plot line. It tells the story of young lovers, their encounters with fairies, and curses to seek revenge. All of which takes place in mythal Athens and a enchanted forest. In the opening scene Hermia is desperately arguing with her father Egeus who wants her to marry Demetrius an Athenian man who deeply is in love with Hermia. In her defense she compels her father to change his mind because in reality she is in love with Lysander. Therefore to escape this arranged marriage she decides to run away with Lysander. However, along the way Demetrius secretly follows them, and little does he know that he too has a companion behind him. Helena, Demetrius’ former lover still loves Demetrius and she follows him through this forest, ironically Helena happens to be one of Hermia’s closest friends. And from then a love quadrangle is formed within these young lovers. Apart from this group of lovers, fairies also have a contribution to this play. Oberon the king of fairies with his queen Titantia live in this forest with the rest of the woodland fairies. One fairy in particular that stands out from the rest is Puck. He is mischievous, fast and a powerful dominant character in this play. Unlike the rest of the fairies that we talk about, Puck reminds the audience that the fairy world is not all that magical and nice. From the bunch Puck is seen as the rotten apple. He brings a dangerous and humorous element to this play as well as to Oberon and Titania’s fairy clan. After a short dispute between Oberon and Titania, and her refusal to give up her little Indian boy to Oberon. In fury Oberon wishes to punish Ti... ... middle of paper ... ...thence all error with his might, And make his eyeballs roll with wonted sight. When they next wake, all this derision Shall seem a dream and fruitless vision, And back to Athens shall the lovers wend” (III.ii. 383-39) After placing the spell on Demetrius and correcting his mistake, he knew that these young Athenian lovers were off to a better start. Shakespeare creates Oberon to show the how fun and delirious the fairy world is. Oberon’s character sets the magical plotline of this play, although he might have caused confusion, his intentions were good and at the end he happened to be responsible for everyone’s happiness. Puck Oberon’s sidekick happens to have a very important part in the play as well. He lets the audience know that in the fairy world its not always rainbows and butterflies. Puck brings a little darkness to the fairy world, he alway is very funny.
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