Theme Of Evil In Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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Analysis of Themes of Good vs. Evil in Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde A fact of life is that good people do bad things, but a good question is does that make them an evil person? In Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, good vs. evil is a real struggle; religion also plays a big role in this book(Meg). There are many authors that have noticed these themes and talk about them throughout the years. First of all, the main theme in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde is good vs. evil. In the novel, Mr.Utterson compares the inhabitants to crooks and thieves by saying the sales women are more unholy by inviting people to their shops (Stevenson 10). Then Mrs.Moss states how Dr. Jekyll describes how one part to the duality of his personality,…show more content…
Mr.Utterson is saying that Mr.Hyde is evil and Dr.Jekyll is good or could be redeemed the religion in that is saying that Mr.Hyde was a dark and evil person. That quote also goes back to what Seidel said about how today people use the term Jekyll and Hyde for good and evil. Wright says how Dr.Jekyll thinks he can terminate the career of his evil side Mr.Hyde by combining passion, and emotions, Robert writes this in the book, Reg Wright points this out. Dr.Jekyll does not like his other side, the bad side, so good is trying to over people evil here(Wright). Another example is when it says “ In inclined to cons Heresy. He use to say quantity, I let my brother go to the devil in his son way! In this character was frequently his fortune to be the lost reputable acquaintance and the last good influence in the life or down-going men(Stevenson 9). Mr.Utterson is saying that he believes his brother is evil and went to evil ways but he believe he is the last good person. When he speaks of Heresy and the devil that is his religious statement, so in this one statement again there is both good vs…show more content…
One example is when Joyce Moss says how Christians believe human and animals were both created by God, but others believe that animals are lower life forms like loney of the creatures in Dr.Jekyll and Mr.HYde, like how it only took a simple chemical to change Dr.Jekyll into an animal like being(Moss 378). Also when it is pointed out that evilness could be concreated under holiness and respectability says Philip Jenkins, he also says Stevenson 's book mainly focuses on religion and good and evil spirits and I do believe this is right(Jenkins). In this novel God and Satan are figured prominently. Dr.Jekyll is more in favor of God, and Mr.Hyde is more like Satan(Shmoop). Moss also says how young Dr.Jekyll’s sins are a result in Mr.Hyde evil actions in the novel. Also now Dr.Jekyll is ashamed of those actions(Moss 381). Mr.Utterson was forced to reflect deeply on how hard and low life is and how much evil lies of the root of religion, but he was forced to think about what lies at the foot of religion and sorrow(Stevenson
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