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In a beautifully descriptive poem titled “Diving into the Wreck”, author Adrienne Rich seems to be depicting a quest the narrator is on, to delve deep into the sea and explore a wreckage beneath the waves. The poem focuses more so on the preparation and process of the dive rather than of the search of the wreckage itself, which plays an interesting factor in the poem. But, as the narrator dives into the water, the reader is taken into a deeper journey along with them. Diving under the surface of the poem, and looking further into the meaning, there is a central theme of women who have been oppressed for hundreds of years struggling for their rights in a society that is mainly dominated by males. The poem is much more than just an adventurous quest, but the quest to fight for womens’ rights. Specifically, in the passage provided above, we can see that through the use of metaphors and her form, Rich’s narrator is in search of more than a wreckage, but of the tragedy that is women’s oppression. At a closer glance, Diving into the Wreck in its entirety is an extended metaphor. The three main metaphors in the specific in the passage above would be considered the wreck, the myth, and the drowned face. If you take into consideration that Rich was one of the greatest feminine writers in the 1970’s, you can begin to understand how the wreck is more than just a sunken ship, how the myth is more than just a book, and how the drowned face is more than just one person submerged in water. The wreck is a metaphor for everything that has been suppressed and devalued in women in history, and even at the time the poem was written. Rich uses the wreck to symbolize the oppression of women in a patriarchal society, and all the value that women coul... ... middle of paper ... ...n one case, loss and defeat in the women who have been oppressed, but ends with a hopefulness for the future. Looking toward the sun is the women now, who believe in fighting for change and that their actions can make a difference, and that eventually they will see a world where both genders (and all oppressed people) will live in unity and equality. Diving into this poem, there is more to it than what is on the surface. A story of a diver searching for a wreck turns into the struggles of women in a society dominated by men, and how that wreckage deserves to be seen. Adrienne Rich does a fantastic job through the use of metaphors, and the formation of the poem to connect the reader to the women who have been treated as inferior in the past, the present, and the future, and that their value should be one that is sought after just like the treasures of a sunken ship.

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