Theme Of Digging And Punishment By Seamus Heaney

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Seamus Heaney, the poet with extravagant creativity and strong emotional authority over his poems has designed two effective long poems, 'Digging' and 'Punishment'. While both the poems deal with fairly different issues, they do have some strong mutual connections which make engross readers into the dealings described in the poems. Both topics deal with great emotional holds and a bit of melancholy, 'Punishment' more so than 'Digging'. In the poems, the poet recollects past events and relates them greatly to the present activities. These are to be broadly discussed in the later parts of this piece, how the past has been adhered to the present and how this is affecting recent events. In Seamus Heaney's 'Digging', the speaker admittedly prefers writing to doing work in the garden like his father and grandfather did before him, mainly digging, though he still admires them for what they did. In the poet's latter poem, 'Punishment', the narrator is very melancholic over not being able to do anything about the unbearable cruelty humans convey towards other humans through horrific punishments that have been going on for centuries. One deals with a bit of sadness involving personal attachments while the other poem deals with sadness, but in great deal involving a issue in general. Past events play integral parts in both the poems and help continue to express the ideas intended by the poet.

Title is probably the most important aspect of a poem or story other than the author's identity. It's the title that attracts the normal readers to check out a certain poem, considering the reader is not familiar with the author's stand in the world of poetry and writing. 'Digging' is probably the most suitable and logical title of the poem. But is the...

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...'s had to receive and by observing those events through his eyes he can feel the sufferings of those women in his mind. Both these phrases are in my opinion the most significant parts of the respective poems, 'Digging' and 'Punishment'.

Both the pieces are masterpieces created by Seamus Heaney which deal with the complexities of the social life a certain human may endure. Expertly devised, the poems bestow great insights into the minds of the speakers of the two poems and how past events have greatly mannered their respective lifestyles. Memories are hard to overcome and this fact has been greatly demonstrated in these two poems, and how thinking of the past can modify the mentality of a human being. The emotional impacts of both the poems are immense and very prominent, and we can only commend Seamus Heaney for presenting us with such intelligent pieces of writing.