Theme Of Desiree's Baby And Oedipus Loma

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With great power comes great responsibility. Power is the most desired material for the human race. Many indulge in it to gain fortune and control of others but this kind of abuse can lead to deadly retaliation. “Oedipus Rex” is about a man named Oedipus trying to lift a cursed plague by bringing to justice the man who killed the former king, Laius. “Desiree’s Baby” is about a woman and her marriage to a slave master turning sour. In the play “Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles and the story “Desiree’s Baby” by Kate Chopin both use Tragic Flaw, Situational Irony, and Climax to depict position of power as the tool of a noble and the poison of an arrogant person. In both pieces, we have a man put into a position of great power and this fuels their…show more content…
If his ego wasn’t so massive he would of had the humility to atone to his mistakes correctly and would of not looked at himself as the god’s abhorrence. In “Desiree’s Baby” Armand inherited his father’s land of slaves and this position of power allowed Armand to produce a sizable ego; “What did it matter about a name when he could give her one of the oldest and proudest in Louisiana” (Chopin) this…show more content…
In “Oedipus Rex” the climax occurs when Tiresias explains to Oedipus, which triggers a realization that he can’t handle he abused his powers in an attempt to silence the prophet; “You don 't have this, since you are blind in your ears and mind and eyes.” His arrogance became his enemy as he realized that he was the one that brought the plague, killed his father, and procreate with his own mother (also killing her). The throne is what allowed him to do all of these things, to make the prophecy true. In “Desiree’s Baby” the climax is the point when Desiree finds out that the baby was black. At this point Armand’s point of view on Desiree changed and he slowly disowns her. Chopin is trying to explain that Armand’s years of power created this level of purity in his head that disregarded the possibility that he was responsible. This misuse of power allowed Armand to continue these chain of events which led to his discovery of his mother’s origin, the destruction of his world he had

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