Theme Of Corruption In The Great Gatsby

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In the novel The Great Gatsby, the 1920’s was a “throwaway culture, in which things (and people) are used and then abandoned” (Evans). This is true of the lives of the wealthy elite who ruled the East and West Eggs, causing the domination of materialistic thought. The substitution of money for integrity ultimately provided a way for corruption to take deep roots in the characters. The frivolous lives and relationships described by F. Scott Fitzgerald in The Great Gatsby depict the emptiness of the shallow 1920’s era. The lack of depth that infiltrates the characters of The Great Gatsby is no coincidence. Fitzgerald had long before considered the crisis of rebellion and discontent feelings in America (Berman). Through the narration of Nick,…show more content…
For example, he attempts to break the hostility between the East Egg and West Egg. “To be close to her, Gatsby buys a mansion across the bay and gives extravagant parties in the hopes that Daisy will come to one” (Telgen 70). He goes to the extreme to get her attention through dishonesty in acquiring wealth; fraud and theft is Gatsby’s secret to obtaining his riches (Berman). After achieving affluence, he spends his material wealth to attract Daisy. Daisy 's lack of character is revealed through pointing out that she would only be able to fall in love with a prosperous man. Even though all of the characters are flawed, Gatsby, who conducts illegal dealings to achieve fortune, has to lower himself to get on Daisy and Tom’s level, ultimately leading to his death (Telgen 64).
Through lowering himself and basing the present off of unstable memories, Gatsby attempts to recreate his shallow past with Daisy. To show off the grandeur of his everyday life, he invites Daisy to his mansion. Nick observes that they are holding hands and notices that “she said something low in his ear [and] he turned toward her with a rush of emotion” (Fitzgerald 96). Also, when Nick points out that Gatsby cannot live in the past he says, “Can’t repeat the past… Why of course you can!” (Fitzgerald 110). Overall, "The Great Gatsby is very much a novel about
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It resembles a marriage of convenience or of status. The novel points out that “They had spent a year in France for no particular reason, and then drifted here and there unrestfully wherever people played polo and were rich together” (Fitzgerald 6). The word “unrestfully” hints that the two were looking for satisfaction in material objects and riches, which leads to unfulfillment. Their quest for approval signifies that "Tom and Daisy belonged to a 'secret society ' that ruined, through their insensitivity and carelessness, other people 's ' lives" (Telgen 68). Together, they live in a whimsical world where life revolves around their actions and decisions; the pursuit for worldly acceptance and wealth exposes the unimportance of their
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