Theme Of Corruption In Heart Of Darkness

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Take a moment to think about the social corruption that has taken place all around the world. In the novella, Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, Kurtz is a legend and acquires the most ivory around. People believe that he is good at his job until Marlow travels to the Inner Station. Marlow finds that Kurtz has enslaved the Natives to bring him ivory, if they fail to do so, they get punished. He is viewed like a God by the Natives, Kurtz believes that they need help and guidance to civilization. Kurtz thinks that he can lead them to it by corrupting them into doing anything. The great use of surrealism is found to support the social corruption portrayed throughout. Conrad writes this novella in a dream-like style portraying many senses too. In the Heart of Darkness, the dark environment and…show more content…
Marlow notices and describes the people and how they act in the different environments. As the journey starts off, people have morals and respect each other to some extent. They have enough respect for each other that they recommend jobs to each other (Conrad 28). Throughout the journey and deeper into the jungle, the morals become nonexistent and the people become uneasy (Conrad 29). The closer to the Inner Station it is like uncivilized and enslaved African society (Conrad 47). Morals are not around and nothing is questioned what is right and what is wrong. Kurtz corrupts the Natives into being slaves and is not even questioned about it. The corruption of being done by Kurtz is not frowned upon because the dark environment has everyone depressed and just go with the flow. The environment plays a big role on the way people act and do things in the Inner Station. When the fog occurs during their traveling the story gets a little unclear (Conrad 49). This is also where people 's morals are starting to be unclear. The environment and corruption impacts the interesting

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