Theme Of Control In Jane Austen's Emma

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Emma by Jane Austen is a novel that either people connect to or do not. Emma is someone who resembles a girl who is going through a self issue dealing with being naive to fall in love, while she is creating new matches for everyone around her. Emma is so willing to give love advice and match her friends, but so reluctant in to taking her own advice for falling in love. Emma is afraid to fall in love herself, but the idea and imagination of love intrigue her so much that she has a want to feel love through other people and through control.
In chapter one, Emma quickly shows the reader that she loves control, in fact she craves it, she craves this control through manipulating the people around her and basically playing “match maker”. Her first
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Emma was fooled by what she thought was love with Frank but she also found herself comparing Frank to Mr. Knightley (Austen 176-183). She goes on with a debate with herself trying to compare the two men, it is like she is trying to compare which man is nicer, wittier, more handsome, and which one she connects with. At the end of the novel Emma ends up falling in love with Mr. Knightley. Emma could not have allowed herself to fall in love if it were not for the experiences she had gone through. She had a self revaluation in the novel that made her realize that is what her heart wants, to find love with a man who knows her in’s and out’s. Jane Austen uses this a lot in the novel, for Emma she took a social issue and made that the main character’s objective to get past. In this case, Emma was fighting feminism and fighting to be independent in the nineteenth century (Samina np). She lived twenty one years thinking she did not need a man in her life but by thinking this way she caused a lot of problems getting involved in other’s lives.
Emma found love in Mr. Knightley that made her realize how much she needed him all along. When she realized this she new that no one else could have Mr. Knightley, “It darted through her with the speed of an arrow that Mr.

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