Theme Of Conflict In Lather And Nothing Else

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The conflict in "Lather and Nothing Else" can be examined a plethora of methods on varying levels of complexity to show several different types of struggle. Each degree of struggle more convoluted than the previous. This wide range of conflicts creates a suspenseful, stressful mood throughout the entirety of the short story. First, there is the struggle of the whereabouts of the barber's loyalties. Next, the deeply psychological, internal monologue that runs on during the actual shave. Finally, in the end, there is a moment of reciprocated perspective, revealing hidden conflict within Captain Torres. With such a broad spectrum of conflict, this short story is filled to the brim with potential for analyzation. Before evaluating the fine grain, complex conflict surrounding "Lather and Nothing Else", one must first regard the obvious conflict. This lies in the barber's loyalties and decisions. He is sympathetic to the rebelling force in his country. A captain, responsible for the execution of several of the barber's allies and other…show more content…
This psychological conflict adds suspense creating an interesting form of conflict. The barber has the perfect chance to end the Captain's torturous life. However, the barber has a moral code and does not wish to become a murderer. He proceeds to argue with his own conscience about the justification of killing the murderous Captain. Whether he kills him or not, he is a murderer. If he does end the Captain's life he has a man's literal blood on his hands. If he lets him live, he has the Captain's victim's figurative blood on his hands. The stressful level of pressure upon the barber remains at a peak during the entire shave. Eventually, the barber decides not to relieve the Captain of his blood. This leaves the barber still frightened yet relieved that he did not directly kill an unarmed

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