Theme Of Colonialism In Things Fall Apart

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A tale that takes place in Nigeria, Things Fall Apart, written by Chinua Achebe, follows the customs and cultures of the Igbo people. Much of the novel focuses on Okonkwo, an influential leader in Umuofia, who had a strong impact in the clan’s people sticking to their beliefs. His presence in Umuofia comes to a halt when he is exiled due to the accidental killing of his fellow clansman. It is after this that we slowly begin to notice the history of Umuofia slowly disintegrate upon the arrival of the white man. Colonialism was a vital part in the downfall of the culture present in Umuofia that existed prior to the white mans’ arrival; as the old beliefs and traditions were being abandoned for the new customs that were brought in. Within the novel the reader is introduced to concepts and ideologies that were derived from the Igbo people. A prime example of this would be the Egwugwu, which symbolizes the ancestors and the independence of Umuofia. The independence of Umuofia won’t substantiate for much longer though. Okonkwo accidentally kills a clansman after his gun goes off; and this is a crime that goes against the earth goddess. Although the incident was purely accidental, Okonkwo must face the consequences that are to come. He is ultimately exiled to Mbanta for seven years, which…show more content…
European colonists invaded territories, which were already enriched with deep history and traditions, and brought in new religions and customs. Chinua Achebe exemplified this in Things Fall Apart, as he writes about the colonists invading Umuofia and them bringing Christianity to the forefront, symbolizing a change in times. As the clan strays from their roots rather than resist the impending change, it only leads to the downfall of their tribe. This only aids in giving the white man a savior-like mentality, as they believe that they are establishing the area into a place of higher
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