Theme Of Character Development In Birdie

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Character Development within Birdie Self-acceptance is clearly determined through one’s mind set and the steps that one has or is taking in order to achieve this goal. However, this journey can be slowed by various negative forces that life consists of that one was to fight through in order to achieve the final destination of self-acknowledgement. In the novel, Birdie by Tracey Lindberg, the main character, Bernice undergoes physical, spiritual, and emotional changes that are expressed through her slow development into the person Bernice strives to be. The ultimate destination for Bernice is acceptance of her three identities; Bernice, BirdieBernice and Birdie. Bernice is a defeated and depressed women, BirdieBernice being a motivated version of herself wanting to make a change, and Birdie being the strong and last version of herself that would be able to undergo development. However, this development is decelerated through these aspects having negative impacts within her life. Ultimately, through Bernice’s reflective journey of self-discovery, her past experiences with abuse and her spiritual connections lead her to acknowledge her three identities and allowed the start of a path to self-acceptance. Though various coping mechanisms regarding her unhappiness are helpful for a short amount of time, reaching out of one’s comfort zone and total self-acceptance is needed in order to allow path of self-discovery to begin. . Throughout the beginning of the novel, Bernice is at a consent struggle with her self-identity. In order to counter this struggle, Bernice uses various coping mechanisms such as selective mutism and dwelling on her physical appearance. During times of struggle for Bernice, she goes silence. She explains how, “[s... ... middle of paper ... ...40). This moment within the novel greatly contrasts against the other two identities that are known and expresses how once Bernice is able to begin her pathway to developing into a better version of herself. After she fully accepted the trauma and difficulties she has had within her life. Both points are expressing how Bernice begins to make a difference in the way she has been leaving resulting in her “bird self” to take over, re sulting in positive actions being taken. Therefore, it is clear that Bernice discovered the ability to accept her past and acknowledge her multiple identities allowing her to begin her journey to self-acceptance and self-discovery. To conclude, self acceptance and acknowledgment is key in order to begin one’s journey of self discovery. Although, in order for true self acceptance, time to reflect upon past traumatic experiences are needed.

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