Theme Of Chaos In Midnight Summer's Dream

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Dreams of Order and a Bit of Chaos
In Shakespeare’s Midnight Summer’s Dream, Shakespeare uses this play to commentate on issues he thought were pertinent to his time. Frankly, he uses romantic views on the relationship of love and reason that were hundreds of years in the making and yet still puts on a play that has been enjoyed since its premiere. He takes the highest and lowest people in society and melds their relationships together to show how complicated love can get, with a help from a bit of chaos. Through the constant conflicting characteristics and events throughout the play, mostly orchestrated by Puck, Shakespeare shows that a manageable amount of chaos is necessary for there to be order.
When order in society is disrupted the imbalance
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The characters in the play each represent their own respective place in the world’s hiearchy. The mechanicals represent the lower part of society, the four lovers the nobility of society, and the two royal couples, the highest of the high in their respective kingdoms. As per their positions in life, they’re all to be separated, whether that be because of little to no reason for interaction or because each character has too different of a part in the play to “play” in. Yet, they all seem to meet up with each other in one way or another. One of the reasons for this is Puck, in which he led them “Up and down, up and down” (3.2.418) the ladder of society to meet each other. He, a court jester, has the power to manipulate more important characters to make mischief, with Puck laughing in the background at every mishap. He loves chaos and doesn’t care about the consequences of this actions as long as he gets a good laugh out of it. He led Queen Titania to fall in love with an ass-head named Bottom, the absolute bottom of the social ladder. “When in that moment, so it came to pass / Titania waked and straightway loved an ass,” (3.2.35-36) he says, and judging by the way it’s phrased, he’s also silently laughing along with it. Puck did this to fulfill Oberon’s wishes and still get a hardy laugh out of it. The funny thing is, the lowest of the characters socially is the…show more content…
This idea that bad things in moderation is actually a good thing is a romantic idea that was put into place hundreds of years after Shakespeare had died. This shows how progressive of a thinker Shakespeare actually was and how right he actually was. Even today, people use this ideal to explain their actions, though not as well as the Bard himself. Midsummer Night’s Dream is a play that embodies some of the ideals we should hold today, even though it was written half a millennium ago.

Shakespeare uses people of low class vs. high class to show what
Even those in power can be swayed by desire.
Through the use of the differing positions the characters take in the hierarchy of society, Shakespeare shows that people on opposite sides of the spectrum can be swayed by desire, bringing out the chaos in supposed order.
Paragraph Starters:
- Differences in society o The only mortal to meet a fairy is Bottom, the literal bottom of the social chain. It shows how love can transcend social boundaries o “And yet, to say the truth, reason and love keep little company together nowadays.”
- Love does not go with
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