Theme Of Catcher In The Rye

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The poem by Robert Burns is a poem he wrote about how he wants to help children to stay pure as they mature into adulthood. Holder, in that sense, interprets the world of today in the same way but unfortunately he is not realistically looking at the process of how children grow up.
In the theme of this story Holden has his own shallow perception of how he wants to save children from the real world where adults are faced with hypocrisy and superficiality in everyday life. The reason for this is because Holden was victimised and excluded from the world around him. He is felt to feel like he doesn’t fit in or belong in the society.
Holden is considered different and alienated as this would be one of his defence mechanisms. Holden is then under the impression that his ways make him better than the other people around him and therefore he feels no need to socialise with the rest of the society. In all honesty Holden is overwhelmed by the presence of people as he never feels welcome in the society. He leads people to believe that he has a sense of superiority but what they don’t know is that this is one of his defence mechanisms to keep them away. The main theme in this story is the fear of losing the innocence as a child. All in all this is to help him keep a sense of stability in his life.
Holden’s pain is mainly because he alienates himself from society. Holden does not speak about or show any emotion but yet desires the love and contact from a partner or friend although his walls don’t allow it. He struggles to let anyone in because he does not know who he can and cannot trust. He drives people away with insults and hurtful remarks so as not to let them in and protect himself from any more disappointment and hurt. Unfortunately Ho...

... middle of paper ... some stage. Allie was in my opinion Holden’s ‘catcher in the rye’ and didn’t know who else would guide him through trials and tribulations of the adult world.
In conclusion, Holden struggles to let go of the past and has many desires but his deepest desire is to shield children from the adult world and have them keep their innocence. In the above mentioned statements it portrays his deepest desire and shows how the theme is developed in the novel. The title very cleverly gives away the punch line of the book. Holden wants to be the catcher in the rye to every child and yet he doesn’t have his own. In short the catcher in the rye is sort of like a guardian angel but Holden has a different perception of the meaning.
This book has an amazing ending because it simply portrays that every person needs a catcher in the rye and if we have one, we are indeed blessed.
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