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Between the World and Me Introduction The racial segregation that rocked the United States of America during the period of civil wars was marked by a characteristic differences between different cultures, genders, and social positions. In bid to make sense out of the blatant racial injustices in the ancient American world, many people, including Coates’ 15-year-old son get confused in a world that refuses to guarantee the freedoms that so many others take for granted. Between the World and Me book addresses the then black American people in the person of Coates’ 15 year-old son regarding the police (authority) brutality on the black people that raised unanswered questions of racial injustice. This study examines the theme of racial injustice as depicted by the writer in the book to extract the ideas of the author. Racial injustice Discrimination is the art of favoritism that culminates to various forms of injustices. Upon discrimination, there is an automatic hedging, filtering, softening, as well as unconscious distortion of the social platforms build upon the law of…show more content…
The biggest question for Coates is rooted in the hidden connection between the American Dream as lived in the suburbs and the violence that ruled his daily life growing up in Baltimore. He argues that at some point, fear ruled everything around him, and he knew, as all black people do, that this fear was connected to the Dream out there, to the unworried boys, to pie and pot roast, to the white fences and green lawns nightly beamed into our television sets. When he could not get answers from religion, the schools either could not provide answers or the streets. …’But how? Religion could not tell me. The schools could not tell me. The streets could not help me see beyond the scramble of each day. And I was such a curious

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