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Struggles for Equality that African American goes through in the Story; Battle Royal Immigrants and many people regardless of their race and cultural identity are viewed as black people or brown people, who are different from the white men and white women. During the year 1940, when the country was under the British, many people did not have the right to fight for their freedom and was working as slave under the British. The African Americans went through the most struggles for their rights. In the short story “Battle Royal” by Ralph Ellison informs his audience of the struggle a young African American went through for equality among the white men. The central theme of the story is that even though black people are educated and accepted by…show more content…
After the protagonist and his fellow accomplices were blind fold; they were taken into the battle ring, where they were welcome by a naked white blonde woman who was displaying the American flag. She is symbolic to the white man in a sense that none of the African men can have her. They can only watch her and not touch. Her dance was a mockery to the African American. But that did not stop him from winning the battle and giving his speech. At the end of the story, the protagonist includes social responsibility and equality. In addition, the battle itself symbolises the fights the protagonist and his fellow accomplices went through for equality and social right among the riches; especially the white…show more content…
Here, the protagonist was not expecting any changes until he was told to participate in a boxing match. The competition was the cause for the major changes of the character role in the story. He was motivated by his fellow African American on the electrified carpet, as they continue to grab the token and laugh. As a dynamic character, the protagonist was able to come up with new ideas and that is what made him to add social responsibility and equality to his speech. He learns about the struggles and what exactly it meant to be in a battle war. His grandpa words were true about the war of the African American. This is what motivated him to move forward and complete his speech. With his hard work and determination, he was able to gain fame by the white man. On the other hand, the protagonist role was plausible since he was able to gain scholarship from the white man. Therefore we can say that African Americans were the ones that when through the struggles for a better life and recognition in the racist society. Even though the author writes his plot after the story had happen, many readers was able to grab the main concepts and ideas from the story. In today’s society, racism and classism is the most important topic among many industry, school and business places. For the story itself, it can be seen that even if you have education and social power in

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