Theme Of Appearance Vs Reality In Othello

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In the tragedy Othello, by William Shakespeare, the main character, Othello, is being told many lies by a close friend which leads him to make rash decisions. Since Othello is a tragic hero, he has a flaw that he is not able to overcome and leads to his downfall. In this case, Othello’s flaw is his insecurities that enhance how easily he is able to believe that his wife is having an affair without any physical proof. The close friend, Iago, who deceits Othello engages in cruel acts to seek vengeance on Othello because he was not appointed second in command, but still decides to continue his malicious intent even after he attains this position. Not only does he trick Othello, but he is also able to weave other people into his plan without their…show more content…
The cruel acts of Iago reveal the theme of appearance versus reality and how everything is not always as it seems. Even in the opening scene of the play, Iago is already planning on cruelly deceiving Othello because he is not given the position of lieutenant. The theme of appearance versus reality is already in place when Iago states how he is following Othello only “to serve [his] turn upon him” (1.1.45). The seed of hatred towards Othello was already planted in Iago because someone told him that Othello has “’twixt [his] sheets ’Has done [his] office” (1.3.430). After hearing both of these things, Iago is pushed over the edge and will do anything to get back at Othello. The first cruel act that Iago commits is that he reveals the secret relationship of Othello, a…show more content…
One of the main themes in this play is how everything is not as it seems and Iago cruelly tricks Roderigo to make it seem as if he is his friend. Iago makes Roderigo believe he has good intentions towards him. Though it seems to Roderigo that everything Iago says is true, the true meaning behind Iago’s words is hidden to Roderigo which makes it easier to manipulate him. Everything Iago does, in some way, is advantageous to him. These minor cruel acts that Iago has done so far are leading up to more life-threating cruel acts that he will do in the near future. As the play progresses, Iago cruelly uses minor and superficial evidence to further his plan of ruining Othello’s life. He uses the fact that Cassio is close to Desdemona to provoke Othello into believing that they are having an affair. In many of Iago’s soliloquies, he reveals his true motives and in his second soliloquy, he states how “Cassio loves [Desdemona], I do well believe ’t. That she loves him” (2.1.309). Even though there is no clear proof that they are sleeping together, Iago will use his manipulation skills to make Othello believe so. The first step in his cruel plan is to get Cassio
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