Theme Of A Real Durwan And A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

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In both of the stories “A Real Durwan” and “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings,” both characters, the very old man and Boori Ma, are the only ones who experience suffering, poverty, and wrongful doing against them by society in the stories. The details of both characters journey show how similar they both are.
We can first see that when the old man is “lying face down in the mud, who, in spite of his tremendous efforts, couldn’t get up, impeded by his enormous wings.” …….”he was bald and very few teeth in his mouth, dressed like a rag picker…….he dragged him out of the mud and locked him up with hens in the wire chicken coop.” This quote explains that the very old man with enormous wings is found in bad condition because of the storm, he was shelter in a chicken coop where he was getting poked by crows, and treated him like an unwanted animal that was neglected by Pelayo and Elisenda.
Pelayo and Elisenda treatment towards the very old man with enormous wing can be portrayed as being heartless or careless. Disheartening because of the cruel and callousness of society, the old man is portrait as the weakest person’s suffering just seems to multiply.
In comparison’s to the very old man suffering, Boori Ma a poor women suffering started with the partition. “It was with this voice that she enumerated,……..the details of her plight and losses suffered sin her deportation to Calcutta after Partition (Lahiri, 70).” During the partition treaty, India and Pakistan are split because of religious reason; Hindus from Muslim land were millions of people are left without any place to go. “…the turmoil had separated her form a husband, four daughters, a two-story brick house, a rosewood almari, and a number of coffer boxes whose skeleton keys s...

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...Poverty is also seen when, “she was standing in a shopping arcade surveying jackfruits and persimmons that she felt something tugging on the free end of her sari. When she looked, the rest of her life savings and skeleton keys were gone(Lahiri, 81).” she sleep under the letterbox behind the gate of the building and when her money and skeleton key get stolen, then find out one of her basins was gone.
“So the residents tossed her bucket and rags, her baskets and reed broom,……..Then they tossed out Boori Ma (Lahiri 82).” This quoit tell us how poverty lead Boori Ma to a downfall when she is tossed out of the apartment building
In conclusion, suffering, poverty and society take on important meanings in A Real Durwan and A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings. Suffering, poverty, and society symbolize hopelessness but both characters fight throw it to accomplish something.

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