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“The girl murmured his name and laid her palm flat on the wooden panel. ‘I’ll come back for you later. I promise.’” (Rosnay 9). Imagine, you are locked in a hidden closet. No lights, no food, no water, no air. You are stuck by yourself and it has been days, but no one has come to get you. Michael, Sarah’s brother, had to deal with these treacherous conditions. Conditions that no human could bear. Michael Starzynski was a tiny blonde four-year-old French Jew, and Sarah Starzynski, his sister, was a good-natured ten-year-old. On July 16th, 1942 the French police came banging on their apartment door. Sarah was frightened, so she decided to lock Michael in their secret hiding place, a hidden closet. Julia Jarmond was a French American journalist, a mother and wife, born in Boston, Massachusetts who had moved to Paris in her early twenties. She had married a Frenchman and had one child, Zoë. Julia and her husband Bertrand decided to move into a larger apartment, which had been Bertrand’s grandparents and fathers. Not to mention, Sarah’s home when she was a child. In the book, Sarah’s Ke...
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